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When there’s an animal in need, we’ll protect them, indeed!

Follow Haibu and her team of highly trained CIA-esque animals as they embark on new adventures to protect and save animals from various human and environmental challenges. The show is based in New York’s central park, where the team operates out of their fully equipped, Mission Impossible-style HQ, hidden in a tree house.

Age: 6 & up


Haibu is one of the few who has learned how to harness the inner strength that is found in us all. Because of this, she can speak with all animals. She is compassionate by nature, inspiring others to believe that they can make a difference, too. She loves popcorn, singing in the bubble bath, and family game night at home. And her favorite animal? … ALL OF THEM!


Kanuux got his name because of the heart-shaped marking on his nose. He is loyal and loving and would follow Haibu to the end of the earth. His favorite things in life are belly rubs, forehead kisses and going on the adventures with the gang. What is Kanuux’s favorite animal? …seal’s, of course!


Zeek is a thirteen-year-old boy from the Bronx who is usually the voice of reason for Ollie’s antics. Actually, he’s kind of the voice of reason for the whole group. He is very pragmatic and tries to offer solutions to any problem that comes up. Even though he has a serious side, Zeek is very funny and enjoys playing practical jokes on everyone. What is Zeek’s favorite animal? …Red Panda’s!


Ollie is a twelve-year-old who believes he has a gift of reading minds. He tries to tell the future, but it always fails, and he always has an outrageous excuse as to why it didn’t work. He has an admiration for goldfish, ghost stories, and grape filled jelly donuts. What is Ollie’s favorite animal? …Meerkats!


Is an eleven-year-old girl from the Cote d’Ivore or better known as the Ivory Coast in Africa. Family means a lot to her, especially after her father passed away so she is always spending time with them; playing games, singing, cooking, and even annoying her brother Tamba whenever she can. She really enjoys dancing, jumping rope, and treasure hunting. 


Scotty is eleven-years-old and was Haibu’s first friend at the orphanage. He’s from Brooklyn, NY and his accent proves it. Being the new kid on the block so many times, Scotty knows what it’s like to be alone so he’s always sure to embrace and be kind to those who don’t quite fit in. His love for pizza is stronger than his love for snow days. What is Scotty’s favorite animal? …Giraffes!


Eron is the king of the jungle and African plains. He has seen a lot and his battle scars prove it. He and Wiz are both from the flatlands of Africa and have known each other for many years. He is the yin to Wiz’s yang. What is Eron’s favorite animal? …Monkeys! 


Wiz is a very wise and lovable old elephant. He was taken prisoner by poachers as an attempt to sell him for work in a circus. Along with Eron, he is the voice of reason and knowledge of what can happen to animals within the illegal wildlife trade. What is Wiz’s favorite animal? …eagles!

Letter from Haibu

Welcome to the wide world of me, Haibu! I’m so happy you found your way to my site - it’s always fun meeting new people. In fact, I’ve met a lot of new people in the past couple of years.

My best friend, Kanuux and I met on my crazy adventure in New York. He’s technically a seal but he’s a person in my mind. That might be because I can speak to animals like they’re people.

I met pretty much all the orphans at the Barrington House Orphanage in New York City but grew very close with Scotty, Olli, and Zeek. They’re always up for helping me help the animals but that’s only part of why I love them with my whole heart. They’re funny, courageous, empathetic, and my goodness I just appreciate them so much.

They helped me rescue Wiz, Eron, Bishop, and a bunch of other animals from a trafficking ship so now all of those animals are our friends too!

The connections that I have with my friends, both the animal and human kind, have helped me see the world with fresh eyes. I’ve seen the unique struggles and pain they’ve been through without losing love or hope in their hearts. I know that humans are all capable of love and getting along if we just take the time to listen to each other without judgment.

Everyone has a story, and everyone should feel safe sharing it. My friendships have shown me the potential our world has and that’s what I strive to make happen in my lifetime – animals and humans are meant to thrive together.

I hope we can be friends too and you can help me make this world a better place. If you haven’t checked out the world with all the fun animal content on the home page yet, get on it!

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