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Sea Star

Most sea stars have 5 arms but some are able to grow up to 50. Each of these arms is covered into tiny suckers and organs which the sea star uses to creep along the floor of the ocean. Sea stars generally aren’t very social, but occasionally groups of them will come together to feed...

Praying Mantis

The praying mantis’ name comes from its long front legs which appear to be in a prayer position. The actual purpose for the shape of their legs is to quickly snatch their prey before it can react and escape. This is helped by the sharp spines on the front sides of these legs which allow...

Common Octopus

Because octopi don't have skeletons they are able to manipulate their bodies to fit into super tight spaces. In addition to their malleability they are also able to change colors in order to camouflage with their environment. When hiding and blending in aren’t enough to protect themselves from a predator, octopi shoot out andark inky...


Nudibranchs spend most of their time dragging their bellies along the seafloor in search of something to eat. They come in many different colors, which are determined by the pigments in their prey. Some nudibranchs are even able to acquire a way to defend themselves through their diet by eating something poisonous and then emitting...

Giant Squid

At 10 inches (25cm) in diameter, giant squids have the second largest eyes out of any animal. Their huge eyes help them see deep underwater where it would be too dark for most animals to see anything at all. Because they live so deep undersea, scientists know very little about giant squids and most research...


Fireflies’ light comes from a reaction that happens when oxygen is combined with a substance in their abdomen called luciferin. They use this natural light, which is referred to as bioluminescence, in order to communicate with each other and each species has a different flashing pattern. Their light can be yellow, orange, or green and...


Earthworms are very important for soil health because they transport minerals into the soil through their waste. They also change the structure of soil so water can move through it more easily. This makes earthworms very helpful for farmers and gardeners.

Dung Beetle

There are three categories of dung beetle based on how they use dung. Tunnelers bury their dung, dwellers live in piles of it, and rollers roll it into big balls. Sometimes after a beetle rolls a ball of dung, other beetles will try to steal it from them.

Christmas Island Red Crab

Every year, Christmas Island red crabs migrate from their normal home in the forests in order to breed on the beaches. They time their migration around the phases of the moon in order to ensure the tides will be right when they lay their eggs. After the females return home the crab larvae spend 3-4...

Spotted Salamander

Spotted salamanders’ pattern makes them blend in with leaves and rocks on the ground. They’re only active at night and spend their days hiding under rocks, leaves, and logs, making them very hard for predators to find. When spotted salamanders are threatened by a predator, they let out a mild but nasty tasting toxin from...

Letter from Haibu

Welcome to the wide world of me, Haibu! I’m so happy you found your way to my site - it’s always fun meeting new people. In fact, I’ve met a lot of new people in the past couple of years.

My best friend, Kanuux and I met on my crazy adventure in New York. He’s technically a seal but he’s a person in my mind. That might be because I can speak to animals like they’re people.

I met pretty much all the orphans at the Barrington House Orphanage in New York City but grew very close with Scotty, Olli, and Zeek. They’re always up for helping me help the animals but that’s only part of why I love them with my whole heart. They’re funny, courageous, empathetic, and my goodness I just appreciate them so much.

They helped me rescue Wiz, Eron, Bishop, and a bunch of other animals from a trafficking ship so now all of those animals are our friends too!

The connections that I have with my friends, both the animal and human kind, have helped me see the world with fresh eyes. I’ve seen the unique struggles and pain they’ve been through without losing love or hope in their hearts. I know that humans are all capable of love and getting along if we just take the time to listen to each other without judgment.

Everyone has a story, and everyone should feel safe sharing it. My friendships have shown me the potential our world has and that’s what I strive to make happen in my lifetime – animals and humans are meant to thrive together.

I hope we can be friends too and you can help me make this world a better place. If you haven’t checked out the world with all the fun animal content on the home page yet, get on it!

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