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Haibus Academy


Haibu, the only human in the show, is one of the main protagonists at Sunnyview Academy! She’s everyone’s best friend and when someone is feeling down, she’s always right there with a smile, a joke and even a hug. She wears her emotions on her sleeve and lets you know if you have stepped over the line.

FUN FACT: Haibu loves white queso dip, bike riding and fruit stripe gum... but only for a second, because thats how long the flavor lasts.


Darla is the wiz kid in school. She certainly takes her studies seriously, but her true brilliance shines when she creatively crafts and tinkers with her amazing inventions. Sometimes these ideas get a little out of hand, but some how, some way she miraculously fixes whatever problem she dreams up. WIth the highs come the lows and sometimes even geniuses have a meltdown. Thank goodness her friends are always there to lend a helping hand and a shoulder to get her right again.

FUN FACT: Darla has aspirations to become a big Bollywood star!


Todd is Sunnyview’s resident jock. A stud of an athlete and a dude you can count on. Todd is admired and respected by pretty much everyone. He loves to hang with his boys and his thirst for adventure sometimes leads him into some tricky and always peculiar situations. He is a sport, who handles adversity well.

FUN FACT: Todd holds the school record for Most Complicated Handshake.


Sadie is an apex species in the social world. She is hyper focused on crafting the perfect social-image and growing her followers online. While her self-centered behavior is what you first notice about her, she’s actually a very supportive friend who always has her sisters’ backs.

FUN FACT: Sadie has been modeling for ZARA since she was a cub.


Max is afraid of pretty much everything: germs, monsters, tests, conversation, you name it, it fills Max with crippling anxiety. With his allergies usually on full blast, he always has a handkerchief nearby. But underneath his nervous, sickly exterior lies a huge heart and more courage than he realizes.

FUN FACT: Max has memorized the symptoms of over 100 diseases. Can you say hypochondriac?


Roobekah is Sadie’s BFF, most loyal supporter, lead photographer, personal biographer, and all-around biggest fan. She’s often the costar in her own life, but when it’s time to hit the dance floor, no one can match her moves. Roobekah is fashion funky and true to who she says she is.

FUN FACT: Roobekah’s favorite song is “Jump Around” by House of Pain.


Olivia is funtastic and a bonafide foodie. She’s equipped with a plethora of quite clever jokes and always seems to have a stack of scrumptious snacks. Her friends count on her to cut the tension when things get a bit too serious. She is always game to whip up a gourmet meal or become the baker extraordinaire when tummies grumble. Olivia is always the life of the party.

FUN FACT: Olivia does not like it when people mention. “Hungry, Hungry, Hippo”.

DJ Tookie

DJ Tookie is a true musical genius and everyone’s favorite hype man. You can count on him to lay down the tastiest beats in school. He always knows how to be a friend who will pump you up as you ready yourself to take on the world! What might be his most impressive trait is his curiosity, as he is an avid conspiracy theorist and loves to delve into the weird and wild stories around town.

FUN FACT: Tookie’s favorite band is Banarama.


Weston was born with a surfboard in his hand. Comfort comes when riding a wave or chilling on the sand. However, his beach-boy ‘hey bro’ personality clouds the view of his oddly deep wisdom. It’s rare he isn’t hangin with his best bud, Kotah, who likes to ride his back and solve crimes as a duo of amateur private detectives.

FUN FACT: Weston loves to make his signature candies “Westies Besties”.


Ronnie loves to brag about his daddy’s endless amount of money, as it constantly provides for whatever he wants. Sadly, he believes he’s better than his fellow students and figures his cash will solve all life’s problems. While he can be a bully to his classmates, he occasionally surprises them by showing a hint of compassion. There may be hope for Ronnie after all.

FUN FACT: Ronnie’s dad paid for him to be in this show.

Niu Niu

Niu Niu is the newest student at Sunnyview, arriving recently from Mainland China! Her bubbly personality made her immediately popular with all of her classmates. She is the sweetest of pandas and very smart, but is a little caught off guard when it comes to the cultural nuances of her new home. Regardless, she’s always down for some fun, whether it’s sharing secrets with her new friends, grabbing some Boba tea or starting a dance party in the cafeteria!

FUN FACT: Niu Niu has an endless collection of tiny things. A tiny phone, tiny dog and tiny purses.

Letter from Haibu

Welcome to the wide world of me, Haibu! I’m so happy you found your way to my site - it’s always fun meeting new people. In fact, I’ve met a lot of new people in the past couple of years.

My best friend, Kanuux and I met on my crazy adventure in New York. He’s technically a seal but he’s a person in my mind. That might be because I can speak to animals like they’re people.

I met pretty much all the orphans at the Barrington House Orphanage in New York City but grew very close with Scotty, Olli, and Zeek. They’re always up for helping me help the animals but that’s only part of why I love them with my whole heart. They’re funny, courageous, empathetic, and my goodness I just appreciate them so much.

They helped me rescue Wiz, Eron, Bishop, and a bunch of other animals from a trafficking ship so now all of those animals are our friends too!

The connections that I have with my friends, both the animal and human kind, have helped me see the world with fresh eyes. I’ve seen the unique struggles and pain they’ve been through without losing love or hope in their hearts. I know that humans are all capable of love and getting along if we just take the time to listen to each other without judgment.

Everyone has a story, and everyone should feel safe sharing it. My friendships have shown me the potential our world has and that’s what I strive to make happen in my lifetime – animals and humans are meant to thrive together.

I hope we can be friends too and you can help me make this world a better place. If you haven’t checked out the world with all the fun animal content on the home page yet, get on it!

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